Young Audience Concerts

Every year, several musicians of the ensemble perform in concerts with a special format: programmes for young audiences, educational programmes for people far removed from cultural proposals. Each performance is interspersed with explanations and followed by a privileged exchange with the audience present. Composers are sometimes invited to take part in the meetings in order to talk about their creations.

The program l’Air(e) by No Bad Vibes Trio:

The alert sounds: Three individuals find themselves cornered, locked in a six by four meter enclosure. How to escape from this reality?
They then summon Jacques Rebotier’s instrumental theater, giving them words to bite and ideas to grind. From the slide of sounds and meaning, Francesco Filidei and Thierry De Mey will remind them that rhythm is lived in the body, through movement. Other accomplices such as Pierre Jodlowski, James Tenney and Steve Reich will bring their musical remedies so that our three heroes can change of Air(e) to better dance life in a timeless show.

This interactive programme, aimed at a young audience, is performed by three of the musicians of the Percussions de Strasbourg. It is made up of major pieces by internationally renowned composers, keystones of the repertoire of these musical personalities.
This show is woven of gestures and sounds: in counterpoint to the instrumental pieces, Il funeralli dell anarchico Serantini, makes gesture the eloquent instrument of a silent music.
At the centre of sound perception, Musique de tables and 24 Loops touches on the sensitive link between hearing and sight.
The rubbed sounds, audible through sound amplification, move in a choreography. The bodies move to the rhythm of a primary beat. With Pad Phase, the onboard technique invites us to dance. The whole thing is punctuated by the percussive words of Jacques Rebotier.
Body and electronic percussion are present in this programme, introducing the audience to a wide variety of percussive expressions.

Program :

1. ATTENTION Confinement, extract from 22, Placards!, Jacques Rebotier, 2’30
2. C’est épouvantable – brève n°2, Jacques Rebotier, 10’
3. Bonneteau – brève n°41, Jacques Rebotier, 2’
4. Musique de tables, Thierry de Mey,  6’
5. Avis D’EXPIR, extract from 22, Placards!, Jacques Rebotier, 4’
6. Qu’est-ce que l’air – brève n°26 , Jacques Rebotier, 1’30
7. Avis D’EXPIR (suite and end)
8. L’oeil du dieu – brève n°84, Jacques Rebotier, 1’
9. Le dieu dans ma poche – brève n°96, Jacques Rebotier, 1′
10. Having never written a note for percussion, James Tenney, 5’
11. Pad phase, Pattern 1, from Piano Phase, Steve Reich, 6’
12. La mort-naissance – brève n°55, Jacques Rebotier, 2’
13.I funerali dell’anarchico Serantini, Francesco Filidei, 8’
14. Pad phase, Pattern 2, Steve Reich, 5′
15. 24 Loops, Pierre Jodlowski, 8’
16. Pad phase, Pattern 3, Steve Reich, 5’

More infos about this program here

Decentralized concerts in co-production with the Bas-Rhin department :

The Bas-Rhin departmental council and the Percussions de Strasbourg have been co-producing three decentralised educational concerts in rural areas each year since 2014. Free of charge for the public, jointly organised in various villages or towns in the department in collaboration with the communes, music schools, ADIAM 67 and the territorial referents of the departmental council, they enable around 500 people each year to discover part of the ensemble’s repertoire. These concerts are the subject of upstream mediation actions, in particular with students from music schools in the surrounding area.
The main objective remains the exchange between the inhabitants of territories far from Strasbourg and the works of contemporary music composers.

School concerts in Strasbourg and for each of our dates :

Within the framework of our self-produced concerts at the Théâtre de Hautepierre, we have been organising since 2013 performances especially dedicated to school audiences. These concerts last about 1 hour and are made up of the same works as the evening performance for the general public.
They are presented by newcomer students from our partner schools in the Hautepierre district. The works are commented and explained by the musicians during the performance and a moment is also set aside at the end of the concert for exchanges and questions with the audience. In addition, the musicians of the Percussions de Strasbourg intervene in the classes attending the concert beforehand, in order to prepare them as well as possible for the performance.
During our concert season, the Percussions de Strasbourg systematically offers programmers a performance for young audiences, in addition to the performance for the general public. Each of the Percussions de Strasbourg’s programmes is adapted, with the group rethinking its pieces in order to adapt them to shorter and more interactive forms that can arouse the curiosity of young audiences.