June 2024

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming concerts in June. On 1st June, don’t miss Fantaisie tournoyante by Karl Naegelen, a unique concert combining music and sport in Bobigny. Join us in Paris for the Festival Manifeste, where we’ll be performing Timelessness by Thierry De Mey and Poetica by Chaya Czernowin on 8 and 12 June. Finally, we look forward to seeing you at the Flâneries Musicales festival in Reims on 18 June for a programme featuring works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Iannis Xenakis.


Thierry de Mey

📅 Saturday 8th June
📍 Festival ManiFeste, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Here Thierry De Mey indulges in the exercise of self-portraiture, bringing together old and new pieces in a single performance. A true showcase for the body in musical practice, the piece gives ‘visibility’ to its performers and incorporates the exhibition of their gestures and postures into its writing. A musical and choreographic mix!

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More on the program Timelessness 

+ As part of the 11th edition of the ReMusik St. Petersburg International New Music Festival, screening of the Arte recording at the Angleterre Cinema Lounge in St Petersburg.


© Klaus Gigga

Chaya Czernowin

📅 Wednesday 12th June
📍 ManiFeste festival, Espace de projection de l’IRCAM, Paris

In cooperation with IRCAM Paris, Chaya Czernowin is developing Poetica, a multichannel composition for percussion, string instruments and voice. Poetica is the first part of the VENA cycle, consisting of Unhistoric Acts (2nd panel for string quartet and choir of 24 mixed voices – Donaueschingen 2021) and Immaterial (3rd panel for voice – Eclat Festival 2022). Chaya Czernowin constructs in our listening a palace on three levels where we explore the power of our perception through memory. The foundation of this palace of memory is the relationship between the soloist, the four percussionists and the string trio activated by the soloist through electronics.

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© Studio Poil de Chameau pour Africolor
© Studio Poil de Chameau pour Africolor

Karl Naegelen

📅 Saturday 1st June
📍 Henri Wallon Stadium, Bobigny

As part of the Nuit Blanche, join us at Bobigny’s Stade Henri Wallon for a festive evening full of emotion, combining music, art and sport, in partnership with Africolor. Les Percussions de Strasbourg present Fantaisie tournoyante by Karl Naegelen, a music-run where you’ll see runners making music as they tread an athletics field to the rhythm of drums and cymbals. A lively score, as brassy as it is timbred, to be heard and, above all, seen.

18h40 / 20h / 21h (duration 20 min)
Free entrance
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