Composition & concept : Thierry De Mey 
Performers : Minh-Tâm Nguyen, Alexandre Esperet, Flora Duverger, François Papirer, Thibaut Weber, Enrico Pedicone, Hsin-Hsuan Wu, Rémi Schwartz
Stage managers : Laurent Fouraise, Olivier Pfeiffer
Assistant to musical creation: François Deppe
Space Staging : Thomas Guerry
Body movement coach: Manuela Rastadi 

Detailed pieces: Affordance, Pièce de gestes, Musique de tables, Timelessness,Floor pattern, Hands*, Frisking, Silence must be !
*Concept & choreography: Wim Vandekeybus / Concept & music: Thierry De Mey

Production & Commission : Percussions de Strasbourg
Coproduction : Festival Musica 
The composer has received a grant for the writing of an original musical piece from the French Ministry of Culture                                     
With the support of Francis et Mica Salabert Foundation and the Aquatique Show Foundation.  

With Timelessness, Thierry De Mey has created a sort of self-portrait, combining old and new pieces in the same show. It is a project that took shape over time, which he describes as an «artistic and political manifesto». The composer’s commitment is above all to the body and its development in musical practice. Where a taboo deeply marks our history, in particular by neutralizing the presence of musicians wearing black clothes, Thierry De Mey gives «visibility» to the performers and integrates into his writing the exposure of their gestures and postures. There is nothing simplistic about the resulting economy of means: for proof, one of his masterpieces, Musique de Tables (1987), in which the performers only have three tables. Hands, fingers, nails, palms and phalanges are the instruments of this body theatre. The Percussions de Strasbourg take over the score to bring out its formidable scenic and musical potential.