Joint work for percussions and electro live, 50 ‘
Commissioned by Percussions de Strasbourg and GMEM
Composition and music production:
Artistic team: 4 percussionists and eRikm (electronic)
Video system (camera in network): Stéphane Cousot
Production : Percussions de Strasbourg
Coproduction : Co opérative, GMEM, Musica, Cité musicale – Metz. With the support of CNC / DICREAM.

Drum-Machines is a premeditation on the exchange between two musical areas of the XXIst century  : contemporary and electronic musics.

This is a dynamic composition where the process creates form. Speed, pulse, timbre and instruments are subject to numerous distortions by real or virtual machines.

Sound and instrumental materials recorded or (re-) interpreted reflect as much the memory as the imagination of musicians, they are the result of the gesture embodied by each one, that is renewed and transformed in contact with the machine.

On stage, a collective instrumental device is in the center of the stage: it represents the agora, the point of impact and meeting, the eye of the maelstrom to which each musician brings his energy. A video device reveals on a big screen the invisible details of this timeless domestication between man and his tools.