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Percustra workshop

Percustra project consists in five weekly working groups, led by some of the group musicians, between september and june into the Instrumentarium.

Two sessions are open to everyone, and propose a low price access to habitants coming from Strasbourg districts, called “priority” by the Eurometropole (QPV). They don’t require any musical experience. The three others are made for a scolar public, in the context of pedagogical accompany with two classes of secondary schools Erasme and Truffaut, plus one class of the elementary school Jacqueline and Brigitte. Those working groups are created in partnership with the reinforced priority education networks Erasme and Truffaut.

Working groups results are showed to the public at the end of each scholar year, gathering the five groups on the stage of the Théâtre de Hautepierre. It is the occasion for the participants to show their work to their close relations and to the population of the neighbourhood, in professionnal conditions.

To get informations or suscribe : Lucie Andrès / rp(at)percussionsdestrasbourg.com / +33 (0)3 88 27 75 04

This action is led into the frame of the Contrat de ville of the Strasbourg Eurometropole, and the Convention d’application territoriale du Quartier prioritaire de Hautepierre.

duration: 30 hours spread over the year
registration fee: 50€ / 3€ euros for people living or working in the districts of Hautepierre or Cronenbourg
Gauge: 15 people maximum

To get informations or suscribe : Lucie Andrès / rp(at)percussionsdestrasbourg.com / +33 (0)3 88 27 75 04

Percustra pedagogy

Percustra pedagogy was invented and developped by the creaters of Percussions de Strasbourg, helped by Pierre Boulez, at the beginning of the seventies, and then spread into the entire world. It stimulates, with a collective pedagogical approach wanting to differenciate from the academic schemes, the creative potential of each.
Percustra objective is to open the art of percussions to a large audience. Novices, non profesionnal or profesionnal musicians, children and andults get to discover a musical expression on every supports, where the creative freedom wins against the academi pressure.
Percustra is an active and collective approach of music; perceptive notions as listening, breaving, pulsating, are looked. For a long time, this approach put first the execution of existing pieces of art -few were borrowed to the group repertoir- as well as pieces of art written for a specific group, identified by the composer, through an order.
Henceforth, Percustra uses participants compositions: any personnal idea coming from a student can be integrated into the collective work, and the musician in charge of the working group can rewrite or adapt the partition during the entire time of the work.