ONDEE – Karl Naegelen

Acoustic show for 5 percussionists, staged and brought to light evocating shapes of water  
Convenient for young audience (from 6 years old)                                  

Commisson: Percussions de Strasbourg                                                                                     World première: November 23, 2018 ; Festival Sons d’Automne ; Bonlieu, scène nationale d’Annecy (FR)
Composition: Karl Naëgelen
Musicians: Alexandre Esperet, François Papirer, Rémi Schwartz, Galdric Subirana, Hsin-Hsuan Wu
Scenography: Adèle Ogier
Lights creation: Guislaine Rigollet
Duration : about 60 minutes

By the way, what is the sound of water ? Take one element : water. Mix it with a body language full of grace, add the Percussions de Strasbourg and you get a delicious moment full of sounds and poetry ! Karl Naëgelen, composer, shapes an unseizable substance, the ondulating and rippling water as the waving sound. Concrete but solid, this ultimate oneiric element here becomes the center and the unity of this show. A refreshing shower as a symphonic poem without any words, a concept where we constantly call for an image, a show where we let ourselves rocked into an unusual reverie…