The workshop concerts

The Musica festival and les Percussions de Strasbourg organize each year a dozen two-hour workshop-concerts at the Théâtre de Hautepierre. Open to pupils from schools, middle and high schools, leisure centres, music schools, as well as to associations from the Bas-Rhin region for a total of nearly 400 beneficiaries, they constitute a real school for the spectator/actor.

  • The principle is simple: our musicians play a concert of about twenty minutes, followed by a workshop of more than an hour, before interpreting on the stage the work worked on by the students.
  • A concert : The registered students first attend a concert of the Percussions de Strasbourg. These young spectators are invited to listen carefully and observe the instruments and playing techniques used in the various pieces performed.
  • An exchange with the participants: The percussionists explain the device and the acoustic principle used during the concert and answer questions from the participants.
  • A practical workshop: Participants are invited to produce a specific technique observed during the concert – a glissando for example, with an acoustic instrument – to perform a cross-fade with a group of instruments, and to reproduce these effects with the help of computers in the case of digital works.
  • Interpretation: The session ends with a performance of the results of the workshop on the stage.

Under the direction of two musicians from Percussions de Strasbourg, the participants, young and old, have the opportunity to put into practice the simple playing techniques observed during the concert: Controlling the vibration of the Japanese bowl penetrating the silence, transforming the sound of a cowbell with the help of a timpani, feeling the wave of a big box propagate through the body… So many experiments in which the participants become the actors and which provide each time intense moments and emotions.