PdS Lab

Each year, several sessions of musical research are organized on the premises of the ensemble, in collaboration with a composer.

True laboratories, these days represent privileged moments for our artists and the guest composer. They allow them to develop their skills, to test new sound materials or new tools outside of any public programming. Interpreters and creators can thus feed off each other through frequent round trips during a time reserved for discovery.

After the work carried out around the Light Wall System during the PdSLaB#0 developed in December 2017, les Percussions de Strasbourg have started to open the doors of the sessions to a few students from music schools and other audiences several times a year.


PdSLab#0 – Jean Geoffroy and the Light Wall System
PdSLaB#1 – Carmine Emanuele Cella and her augmented instrument
PdSLaB#2 – Philippe Manoury around the Sixxen
PdSLaB#3 – Hugues Dufourt around continuous sounds in Percussion
PdSLaB#4 – Gabriel Sivak on the theme of printing
PdSLaB#5 – Sébastien Béranger around MusineKit 2019, in partnership with the Muse en Circuit (Centre National de Création Musicale).
PdSLaB#6 – Maurilio Cacciatore for the development of his vibrating wand
PdSLaB#7 – Naoki Sakata for the research around her new composition

In 2020 and 2021, the PsSLaB will invite, among others, Michaël Levinas and many other personalities to continue to nourish the Laboratory of les Percussions de Strasbourg.