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PLÉIADES – I. Xenakis / RAIN TREE – T. Takemitsu / TRIO SONATA – J.S. Bach

Pléiades by Iannis Xenakis

Composition : Iannis Xenakis
Date of composition : 1978-1979
Creation : 3rd May 1979

Pléiades, is one of the most beautiful plays written by Iannis Xenakis. The richness of the timbres, the freedom and the coherence of the composition make this work a unique rhythmic adventure.
The very essence of this piece lies in the fact that it cannot be delimited by a simple definition. The instruments used range from keyboards (vibraphone and marimba), to various percussion instruments, including the “sixxen” – a percussion instrument specially created for this composition.

Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530 by Johann Sebastian Bach

Composition : Johann-Sebastian Bach 
Date of composition : 1729-1730

“The six trio sonatas BWV 525 to 530 are undoubtedly among the most cheerful, luminous and entertaining works that Bach ever wrote; Nevertheless, the absence of any real organ-style employment is evident in these compositions, which leave the three quick-slow-quick movements of the Italian concerto and almost certainly sound like trio chamber works. »
Patrick Szersnovicz, “The World of Music” (199) May 1996

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is now part of the repertoire of all musicians and therefore also of all percussionists.
In these sonatas, the Percussions de Strasbourg emphasized the form of the sonatas, their characters and their singular movements.

Rain Tree by Toru Takemitsu

Composition : Tōru Takemitsu 
Creation : 31 May 1981
Edition : Schott, Tokyo, nº SJ 1006 

“We call it rain tree because the day after nights of showers, until at least midday, the tree continues to drip from all its foliage, as if it were raining. While other trees dry up almost immediately, this one, which is covered in tightly packed leaves as small as the pulp of a finger, retains water in its foliage. A smart tree, don’t you think? »
From “A Rain Tree” Clever, Kenzaburo Oe (Original title: Atama no ii rein tsuri)

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