Pierre Jodlowski – GHOSTLAND

Percussions of Strasbourg / Outhere / Believe Digital / 2018

Les Percussions de Strasbourg embark on a journey into the enigmatic world of Pierre Jodlowski’s ghosts. <Ghostland is a troubling, intimate, uncertain, unstable and dark territory, in which a complex entity transits towards the light. Katharina Muschiol’s voice, electronics and the four percussionists cohabit through a subtle and precise writing, and compose this organism imbued with calm, anxiety, euphoria and madness.

The delicacy of this complex work rests on a daring and masterful performance, playing with whispers, squeaks, rattling metal rods, synchronized gestures, playful drum grooves, pulsating soundtracks and saturated guitars. Lively and rich in sensations, this recording is a marvellous reflection of the pleasure that this adventure represents for les Percussions de Strasbourg.

CD, vinyl and digital release on November 28, 2018.

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