Hosokawa – Kishino – Taïra – Takemitsu – RAINS

Percussions de Strasbourg Outhere / Believe Digital / Théâtre de Hautepierre / 2019

Album selcted France Musique           

Three years after the launch of the Percussions de Strasbourg label, the album Rains returns to the traditional sextet recital format so much appreciated by the group, based on the emblematic Hierophony V ritual by Yoshihisa Taïra, mirrored with enchantment by Malika Kishino (Sange). Toshio Hosokawa’s (Regentanz) rain incantation dance unveils this ceremony, which Tōru Takemitsu closes with the drops metamorphosed into jewels by his “intelligent rain tree” (Rain Tree).

“Innumerable instruments, unlimited playing modes, cascading accessories, everything contributes to making the percussion piece the temple of an infinite cult dedicated to the body of sound. (…) A shower of notes magnificently distilled by the Strasbourg band. ” Le Monde

“The performers move with a lot of grace in this liquid element that suits them perfectly” Pierre Rigaudière, Diapason

“The program of this recording strikes by its coherence, by the sound universe that unfolds there (…). Initially conceived for the concert – with the spectacular, choreographic dimension that each appearance of the Percussions de Strasbourg takes on – this journey into Japanese creation is superbly recorded. The spatial dimension of the works can be heard. ” La Terrasse

” Real masterstroke ” Concertclassic.com/ Record of the week

“A perfect symbiosis between the enigmas of nature and the mystery of artistic creation ” Journal L’Alsace

CD, vinyl and digital release on September 13, 2019

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