One evening, two original creations.
For this evening of concerts at the Hautepierre theatre, the Percussions de Strasbourg will play two pieces created in 2020:

Shaker Kami is an adventure into the world of minimalist jazz by Nik Bärtsch, its composer. His work is at the intersection of contemporary music and jazz, with influences from funk. In his music, the use of repetition and structures based on interweaving elements hints at the influence of minimalist music, particularly that of Steve Reich. The result is a piece with a funky, haunting and very catchy groove.

The Myotis V project, composed with Anthony Laguerre, is a research project based on amplified drums, which allows inaudible sounds to be brought into play by amplifying them with microphones and reproducing them. Much more than a musical composition, Myotis V is a research process which, through the energy of rock, pushes the limits of the drums to their ultimate boundaries, creating a sound space which plays with the acoustics of each instrument, the amplification and the inversion of energies.

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