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At the Festival de Saint-Céré, Les Percussions de Strasbourg will present La Fête Sauvage – an encounter between the visual and sonic worlds of Frédéric Rossif and Lucie Antunes, giving nature back all its power and raw strength, as well as its purity. A unique moment not to be missed.

La Fête Sauvage took director Frédéric Rossif over two years of filming all over the world, in Africa, Asia and South America, to create this ode to nature and the animals that inhabit it. Captured in their daily lives, they perform a ballet in front of the cameras, retracing their history. In freedom, giraffes, sloths, anteaters and so many others are revealed in their intimacy, their moments of hunting, resting, playing or even their amorous conquests… Presenting us with a world devoid of any human presence, Rossif wanted to reconnect with a lost Eden. He profoundly revolutionized environmental and wildlife cinema, creating a unique visual language in which slow motion and montage transcend animal beauty. When it was released in 1976, the film was a huge success, selling almost a million tickets.

he original score was created by electronic music pioneer Vangelis. To breathe new life into this visual masterpiece, Lucie Antunes brings all the telluric energy that characterizes her musical language. She conceived this sound creation for the Percussions de Strasbourg, augmented by an electronic musician (Axel Rigaud). For this flagship ensemble of the European musical landscape, she weaves a unique link between acoustic instruments, electronic machines and images.

⏰ Concert at 9pm
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ℹ️ The Festival of Saint-Céré

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