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Carte blanche for the Musica Festival

The frontiers of listening

Founded in 1983, Strasbourg’s Musica festival has established itself as Europe’s major crossroads for musical creation. Musica’s trademark? It’s all about mixing musical registers on the same level of experience, deconstructing formats and genres, from instrumental ensemble music to electronic music and performance.

For this carte blanche, Musica is inviting musicians, composers and spectators to cross the boundaries of listening together. Les Percussions de Strasbourg and the lovemusic collective will be taking over Le Lieu Unique to present a panorama of today’s musical creation. Through an original scenography, a whole programme of contemporary pieces resonates in concert or, on the contrary, invites you to stretch out your ears in a set-up that encourages both wandering and experimentation. Including works by Iannis Xenakis, Marina Rosenfeld, Alexander Schubert, Thierry De Mey, Frederic Rzewski, Philip Venables and Francesco Filidei.

Concert at 8pm
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