Burning Bright – Hugues Dufourt – Live At Home

Written for the fiftieth anniversary of the Percussions de Strasbourg, Burning Bright borrows its title from one of the most famous poems in English literature, The Tyger by William Blake, published in 1794. The Percussions de Strasbourg welcome you to the Théâtre de Hautepierre in the district where the group has been established for over 40 years for this “Live at home” concert.

Conceived in one piece, like an immense adagio in the manner of Bruckner, Burning Bright is a poetic vision that breaks with traditional types of delimitation, contours or fences. The music rises in layers, in sheets, or unfolds in broad and diffuse emergences. The timbres draw their own space of resonance and are arranged in depth, in the indefinite flight of a horizon. The sounds swell, diffuse or twist, intermingling like fluids or gases. The work on the timbre is only an art of retouching. The drift of coloured masses replaces the play of formal configurations typical of the last century. Frictional techniques take precedence over those of percussion.

Like Blake’s poem, Burning Bright mobilises the primary energies: a drama without narrative or anecdote, a form that is generated and seeks its unity through telluric tremors. The immense space that we discover, a space in the style of Kubrick, could well become, despite the hopes of our time, that of an eternal confinement.

Hugues Dufourt

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