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Poésie augmentée

Rich with an instrumentarium of unique timbres, the Percussions de Strasbourg have always worked to expand their sonic panoply and are delighted with their new collaboration with two wonderful Italian composers and researchers, specialists in augmented instruments.

After Inside-Out (2017) and Kore (2019), dedicated to the Percussions de Strasbourg, and Dendrum (2021), Carmine-Emanuele Cella will have the opportunity to compose Kobi, the last piece of his cycle “les Espaces Physiques”.
Kobi is a piece for a solo percussionist, written for an augmented Mbira and metal plates. The instrumentalist will be placed in the middle of the audience and the sound produced will be diffused on the metal plates installed around the audience.

Michelangelo Lupone, creator of the Feed-Drum©, proposes a duet for two percussionists, À Corps Perdu, composed for this augmented bass drum (sensitive to the speed, pressure and direction of the performer’s gestures) and metal percussions. The work explores the ways in which skin and metal vibrate, to the point of revealing their most intimate characteristics.

In this programme, the Percussions de Strasbourg let themselves be carried away by the technological poetry of the two composers’ singular universes.

Carmine Emanuele Cella (1976-)
Kobi (2022, 25′)
for augmented mbira and metal plates
Commissioned by Milano Musica
First public performance

Michelangelo Lupone (1953-)
À Corps Perdu (2022, 30′)
for augmented bass drum and metal percussion
First public performance

Minh-Tâm Nguyen and Thibaut Weber, soloists of the Percussions de Strasbourg

Concerts at 7 pm and 9:30 pm

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